We have long standing experience handling motorbikes and offer high quality services. We do tuning, customizing till complete new builds.


We specialize in customizing mostly Triumph and Ducati motorcycles , either complete or partial. But in fact we can customize each and every motorcycle. For our custom projects we always aim for legal road registration.

The extent of customizing is always in accordance with your wishes and ideas and can vary form installation of singel parts (e.g. exhaust systems, foot rests, tail modifications) up to complete custom bikes. If you ask us to redesign a motorcycle from scratch, no problem, we love to do it.&


Our engine tuning services combine theory and year long practical experience. We offer:

  • Cylinder head modification   
    • Inlet-/exhaust port optimisation
    • Valve seat machining with MIRA VGX21-Vario Drive
    • Combustion chamber optimisation
    • Installation of twin spark ignition systems
  • Machining of crank cases
  • Installation of electronic ignition systems
    • Design and manufacture of stator support plates
  • Installation of special cam shafts
  • Installation of special pistons
    • Modification of valve pockets
    • Modification of piston crowns
  • Installation of special gearing
  • Installation of special clutches


In principle we can offer service work on any make of motorcycle. Service work is always performed according manufacturer specification.

As we have over 30 years of experience with motorcycles, we can also perform service work on older motorcycles.

MFK- und DTC- Tests

Clay modelling

Buy and sell of used bikes

Parts dealing