On the recently launched website Cafe-Culture, the Ducati MHR 900 by Britalmoto has been presented:


In Racers Mag a report on the Britalmoto Hyde Harrier was published.

Report in Spain

In fall 2012, Britalmoto was mentioned in the Top Trups issue.

Hyde Harrier was presentated.

In Motorcycle News Issue No. 31 a report on Britalmoto was presented.

In the Morotorcycle news was reported about Glemseck 101 and Britalmoto.

On 5.5.2014 an article about Ivo Tschumi was published on the website 1000ps.at.

A Swiss guy searching for the best of motorbikes from Great Britain.

In November 2010 a brief report about Britalmoto's Hyde Harrier was presented in Bikeexif.

The bike you’re looking at here was built in Switzerland—by Fritz Tschumi of Britalmoto and his son Ivo Tschumi..