96HP (71kW) at 7500 rpmand 104 Nm at 5600 rpm (both values measured at the rear wheel)

  • Hinkley Triumph Typ Thruxton or Bonneville
  • Bore/Stroke: 96.5mm/74.3mm
  • Capacity: 1087ccm
  • Cylinder head: enlarged and optimised inlet, increade inlet-and exhaust valve diameter
  • Compression ratio: 10.5:1
  • Power/Torque: original at clutch original around 60HP/69Nm
  • Power/Torque: tuned at clutch up to 106HP/115Nm (with Big Bore Kit and Stroker crank)
  • Five speed gearbox
  • Secondary transmission by O- or X-ring chain
Rolling chassis:
  • Original Norton Commando 961 frame, modified to accept the Hinkley Triumph Twin engine
  • Swing arm: original Triumph Hinkley
  • Original Norton Upside Down- or traditional front fork
  • Choice of spoke wheels/carbon wheels (Norton)/ PVM wheels

The designation "Triton" is a combination of " Triumph" und "Norton". One can say, that a Triton combines the best of Triumph and Norton! As a matter of fact, Norton built in the sixties, with it's "Featherbed " - frame, the best frame commercially available on the market. The frame was built for the legendary Norton Manx racing machines, but found it's way into massproduction in form of the "Slimline" and "Wideline* versions.

Triumph, on the other hand, built the outstanding twin cylinder engines (T100; T120; T140) which all were basedon the design of the "Speed Twin" dating back to 1937. It was not more than logical, that genious brains came up with the idea to combine these two outstanding components. One of the best known and successful manufacturers certainly was Dave Degens. He not only was commercially successful by building "Tritons"  but  was also very successful with his "Triton" racing machines.  Also, the "Triton" also became the "Poor Mans" racer. This finally resulted in the fact, that the "Triton" became synonimous with the growing "Cafe Racer" cult of the sixties. 

Each and every "Triton" is unique and until today a very sought after motorcycle. Today, after the rebirth of Triumph and Norton,  BRITALMOTO finds it again logical to combine these two products.

On one hand, Triumph Hinkley is building since 2001 the successful air cooled twin cylinder motorcycles which have a superb reputation with regard to quality. Above all, the engines are very reliable and have a great tuning potential. Regarding design and rolling chassis the opinions are dissent. 

On the other hand, Norton Donington builds since 2009 the "Commando" which created a great interest in public. The new "Commando 961" is an outstanding motorcycle. With regard to the engine, well, it has to be admitted that a few flaws have surfaced. The situation hence is similar to that in the sixties.

Why not combine the best of the two worlds again.....?

BRITALMOTO now is determined to help keeping the "Triton" cult alive, now and in the future.

We offer the "New Triton" in various options. At buyers choice are the paint scheme, wheels, forks, foot rests, brake and clutch levers, head light, seat upholstery , engine tuning stage, exhaust system.  But, it goes without saying, that we also offer special petrol tank/seat combinations designed by BRITALMOTO.