78 rwhp and max.torque 75Nm


Make and Model:  Triumph Thruxton Carburetor
Engine: 78 rwhp and max.torque 75Nm
Engine modifications:
– modified Airbox / modified K&N Filter
– Keihin FCR 39mm carbs
– In and outlets from cylinder head grinded and polished
– Camshafts from Bonneville 790
– higher compression 10.5:1 ( stock 9.1:1 )
– EBC Racing clutch/stronger clutch-springs
Exhaust: Zard 2in1

Rolling chassis:

Frame: Triumph Thruxton / backend cutted
Fork: Showa USD from Ducati 996 SPS
Calipers: (front)Brembo / (rear) Nissin original Triumph Thruxton / selfmade Caliperholder
Brake Discs: front Brembo 320mm rear 220mm Harris Performance
Triple Trees: Ducati 916/996 upper: LSL
Handlebar: Renthal
Wheels: Astralite 3.5×17“ front / 5.0×17“ rear
Tires: Pirelli MT60 RS ( Supermoto Racing Tyres )
Shocks: Wilbers
Brake and Clutch Levers: Pazzo Racing (reworked/polished)
Motogadget Speedo/electronical Controls

First of all, I built this bike for myself, because it’s still a lot of fun for me to create the design for a bike…and after all the customer bikes, I felt that I wanted to realise my own ideas again.

The tank and seat i modeled and designed with clay. A good friend, Chris Maertl, built the tank in alloy for me. He’s done a lot of work for me in the past. The negative for the seat I did by myself…a other company did the positive because there was not enough time anymore.
Also the handles I did conventionally at my workshop from alloy 7075. Another good friend did the CNC machining to fit the gas cables. Other parts like the front mask, holders, fork covers, complete footrests, chain wheels, cover plates, number plate/turn light holders are done by myself.